Our Little Rock Trip

Things could have definitely been worse. I'll just start by saying that. Luck shined on us Thursday afternoon with Chris securing us our new touring van, but things quickly went south from there. Friday was a rush like Friday generally are for us, while we did get a great deal on our new van, it just wasn't road ready. Ball Joints, Brakes, Fuzes, were all very badly needed things and we just didn't have time to fix them before we left for Little Rock.  We did our Hot Topic in store at the St.Louis Mills Mall and decided to leave first thing on Saturday morning with the "SAFE" vehicle, my 2004 ford explorer. (which was just serviced with a multi point inspection from Marshall Ford in O'fallon).

A little late hitting the road but we were making great time. And then.....
Transmission seals blows out about 30 minutes south of Sikeston MO. So you ask "why not just add more transmission fluid and keep on going?" well, for some reason the experts at FORD decided NOT to put a transmission dipstick and no way to refill tranny fluid unless you, get this now, drain the fluid from the tank and using a special tool "shoot" the fluid back in. Basically like filling a bottle up only upside down.  Yeah great huh! Thats american craftsmen ship at it's best, no way to check how much fluid you lost no way to refill, and NO shops open on Saturday.

So with fingers crossed we headed back home, stopped for steaks at Texas roadhouse and made it home probably grinding all the gears in the tranny.

Fucking rock n roll!